The revolution has started. Are you ready?

Digital Labor… behind these words hides a tremendous and hectic (r)evolution of the business and corporate world. An on-going and accelerating mutation catalyzed by the unparalleled convergence of major technologies among which Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Artificial Intelligence (AI, Machine Learning, Cognitive Sciences…), 3D printing, Big Data, Internet of Things (IoT), Virtual Reality (VR) or Blockchain… Just to name a few.

Beyond the straightforward offered technical possibilities, governments, forerunner global companies and start-ups understood the magnitude of this unavoidable transition and the induced opportunities in terms of savings, quality improvement, gains of precision, of time, of speed, of compliance and – finally – of employee and client experience !

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All industries being impacted, in one way or another, the Digital Labor revolution we’re currently going through stands for an inflexion point in the evolution of our economic models, our governance systems and our corporate / public organizations. But not only that, it obviously has some ramifications concerning the different job families, functional processes, skills and competencies, hierarchical / functional structures… Implying huge human and social consequences.

The challenging questions that daily unveils this opening era of change require an holistic, comprehensive, and global approach blending future-proof methodologies, mastery of cutting-edge technologies, deep understanding of the considered industries and related core businesses, will to proactively conduct change, and hybrid profiles / teams. All that with an international footprint.

This is exactly how, at KPMG, we raise and address it, supporting you in the full understanding and anticipation of these fast and recurring mutations, and helping you with the identification and implementation of pragmatic and sustainable solutions that will leverage your culture, differentiators and human capital to keep you ahead… and thinking forward!


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